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    Quote Originally Posted by Fitguy51 View Post
    Then I guess the 56 year old that got an appointment to Fairfax County Fire/Rescue would mean that you have a chance. He just retired last year @ 67 after spending his time in a busy house off Interstate 95. He came from a VFD in Orange County NY. Besides here in NYS it is about scoring high on the civil service test to have a chance.
    56??? I'm only 49, think I still got a chance??
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    I would think that that may be so. I only know how things work here in my area. The career FD's in my area require at least an EMT cert to take the test but some have put the Paramedic cert as a requirement. Some use a residency preference while others require you to move to their city w/i a time period to keep the job.
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    Just out of curiosity, what would make you even think you were too old to apply at 26? I'm 25 now (soon to be 26) and that thought has never even crossed my mind. In fact you are an even stronger candidate because you have a resume with actual full-time work experience, versus an 18 y/o recent high school grad. Progressive departments will be looking for people with an advanced education (college and/or medic) and full time work experience, versus someone young and inexperienced, but may be in their peak years of athleticism. Eat healthy, stay fit, and you'll have no problem keeping up.

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