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    Default ClearCalm Transmitter


    Has anyone heard of this product, seen it in use?

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    Look neat but I'd be a little concerned since it uses the same frequency as every other wireless device on 900Mhz.
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    Thumbs up Yep........

    Quote Originally Posted by nmfire View Post
    Look neat but I'd be a little concerned since it uses the same frequency as every other wireless device on 900Mhz.

    Agreed. Kinda like some of the stuff on the old 33 and 46 MHz channels....... "Engine 62, Charge Engine 422's Line (Insert Scratchy Noises) Would you like Fries with that??"........ Commercial Communications interference and Skip - which is more fun?.............
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    Neat idea and certainly overdue.

    There was another product like it (think it was a scott product) that allowed for crew comms also (like an intercom) between all mask wearers. In addition, you could push a button and then speak over your regular fireground channel.

    I imagine at some point, this stuff will be built into the scba's.

    Gosh, what will they think of next.
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    After digging around on their website, it appears that they Scott exclusive use of their products. But cant find anything recent.

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    It only makes sense in this day and age to have comms INSIDE the mask. How big is your average bluetooth headset? I'd bet they could integrate a very good mic into a facepiece without too much effort.

    Imagine being able to actually hear what your crew is saying without losing every other word to the mask and other assorted noise confusion.

    I think a solid implementation is long overdue. "We have the technology"

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