I wanted to let you all know about a new life insurance deal that is ideal for firefighters and police officers...It is $22.79/month and is a 30 year term policy. Coverage starts at $100,000 and increases $5,000 a year to $200,000 in year 20 but the premiums never increase...Also, if you live for 30 years, the insurance company will give you all your money back ($4900 to be exact).

Many times, firefighters and police officers are denied extra coverage from life insurance companies because of their occupation being dangerous. Not the case here. The insurance company WILL PAY if you die in the line of duty. The coverage is guaranteed for ages 18-60 regardless of health. It is the same price for everyone...$22.79/month or $245/year.

If anyone would like me to send them applications, it takes about 5 minutes to fill out and the coverage starts the day they complete the application. My company email is muellerlifesolutions@gmail.com and my name is Tyler Mueller.