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    Default Help With Class A Pumper

    Hello I have a question about how long an Engine is classifed as Class A. We have a 1988 Pierce Pumper/Tanker. It has a 1250 Pumper and a New 2500 Plastic Tank (2007). The truck passes it's pumper test each year and goes past the 1250 mark each year. We have been told by our former Chief that it needs Replaced after 25 years. Does it lose it's class A rateing after 25 years. Also if we get this refrubished what would all need replaced. The back seating arae is open cab style i know we need to remove or enclose this, but what else needs replaced. Or would it be better to go with a new one. The truck only has around 20,000 miles on it and looks new. It is our 2nd out engine and 2nd out tanker depending on the call. It does not go out on grass/brush fire or any wrecks. Aby ideas on this. Thanks Tim

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    Default Class A Pumper

    A pumper earns its Class A rating because of combination of performance and features. ie: able to pump a minimum of 1000gpm and carries hose along with a water supply. Again minimums have to be met.

    Your apparatus will not lose its Class A rating regardless of its age. There is a push on among the NFPA and others to begin to limit the longevity and service life of fire apparatus in general. While it is rooted in good intention and is based on some sound safety facts it does not take into consideration the very real and difficult financing problems that most of us have to deal with.

    All that being said Insurance Service Organization which sets the fire insurance rates in your district (based on several factors including your apparatus) does not care how old the apparatus is. They do care that it is in good condition, regularly tested and passes the test and it is well maintained.

    If you can afford to replace it at 25 years or less by all means do so. While there are many good reasons to replace apparatus more often as opposed to less often there is not mandate at a specific age.
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    Default Class A

    How is the rest of the apparatus, I am sure Pierce would close in the jumpseats or put a new cab on it. The tank was a big ticket item, Move the siren speakers down, other stuff on the Annex D list. Good to go.
    1988 also means less computer control stuff to worry about.

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    correct me if im wrong but if the truck was rated class a when it was new, it wont lose its class a rating ever... im not if you referb it though
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    I might be wrong, but I think all that "Class A" stuff came from older versions of NFPA 1901, or ISO. Either way, it isn't used anymore.

    There is no requirement to replace a pump after 25 years, although ISO may not recognize it unless it's well kept and you have the records to prove it.

    If the pump passes service test, then it's still a 1,250 pump.
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    If it still passes, keep it.

    We have a 50 year old engine that is still in service and pumps very well.

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    As long as the performance tests(pump) pass, the rig maintains the rating as delivered. As long as it can do over 750 gpm,it's a Class "A". Once you refurb,the rules change. T.C.

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