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    Default oops email for above narratives

    sorry forgot to put in email. gee_man83@hotmail.com

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    Default needing narratives

    I am need pumper narratives to get ideas from any and all would be great.
    please send to deeversjames@yahoo.com and thanks up front.

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    would love any narratives i can get! have put in for a pumper last 2 years and never got through peer review!

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    I would also like to look over some successful vehicle narratives bsimmons332@hotmail.com lookin mostly for rescue/engines, but id like to look at some others. thanks

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    Default Interface Pumper

    I am going to join the rest of the group who is looking for free narratives. We are looking to add a second pumper to our inventory, one that is capable of 4x4 action, but that also will get us the second set of ladders for ventilation necessary by nfpa.

    I don't want to sound demanding, but if anyone is willing to share, it will be much appreciated!


    THANK YOU!!!!

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