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    Default Hose Grant

    My Department is looking to replace all hose LDH and attack along with nozzles and connector etc. We have hose 30+ years old. LDH is 20 yrs old.

    My questions:

    Can anyone offer advice on this?

    Can i throw a TIC in with this...or is that going to muddy the waters.

    Is anyone willing to share a narrative?


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    I wouldn't muddy the waters. CEDAP for TIC.

    We were considering writing for 2-1/2" and 4". We elected to stick to one thing and do it good.

    John Lyman
    Waterford, MI

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    have the CEDAP rules changed? If not, if you got a semi-recent AFG then you cannot get a CEDAP.

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    CEDAP would be a real longshot. Add the TI it to your app. Supposedly a no brainer/favorably looked upon with any equpment grant if there is a shortage of TI in your area. Worked this year with two TO gear apps in my area. I'm still in the running this year with my 5"S fittings adapters/Handheld radios/TI app.

    4"? Don't waste the $. If you need LDH don't buy the 1960 "solution". Go with 5" (or 6"). The cost difference on the grant to you will only be around $5/100'. If for some reason need to hook to legacy/obsolete stuff get a couple 4"S x 5"S adapters.

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