Hey all,

I just read this on International EMS...

Security Group One, LLC is
currently seeking Paramedic or greater qualified individuals in support of static sites throughout Iraq.

Applicants must be at minimum- State or NREMT-P certified and current, have 3-5 years of medical experience, and be eligible for a secret clearance. The description of eligibility can be discussed during emails.

The ideal candidate has military experience, a clearance, and civilian Para medicine instructor qualifications. However,
Clearances and Instructor quals can be obtained thru SG1 as well.

Pay is above average and the leave policy is 120 days on with 30 days off. Multiple positions available within 6 weeks, anyone interested should send their resume/ CV to sg1.administration@gmail.com

I worked for WSI in Iraq and left for a Security Position in 05'. It was my military background that drove in that direction though... I had a great time with WSI. I sent my resume' in yesterday and allready got an email back... I am working right now for a company that... well... they don't really look after us too well... A lady named Angela sent me back the reponse email... This sounds great everyone.... No more out of the wire stuff or anything... Just medicine and that is right up my alley for now.. I have the tshirt of been there and done that... lol... Anyway all... just looking out for everyone like we all do... take it easy and slow...