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    Default Request for information. EMS/Fire merger

    I'll keep this first post loose and informal.

    A request has been handed down to manage a commitee that will look into the "streamlining" of operations or of a potential merger of a 2 service city.

    Population 500,000
    Coverage area 80 square miles
    Staffing 900 Firefighters, 250 EMS

    We have a First Responder system that allows Engine and Ladder Companies to repond in the BLS mode.
    ALS coverage in select Fire suppression vehicles.
    Full ALS coverage in EMS vehicles

    We are looking for cities of similar sizes that might have been where we are at currently that can give us some insight. Problems, moral issues, logistical issues. I'd like to know what worked v. what did not.

    Sound off and we'll talk!


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    Nashville, TN runs a fire based EMS service w/ several ALS equipped Engines and ALS Ambulances.

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