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    Default Ladder Ops / Driver/Operator Responsibilities

    Looking for any official reference, NFPA, SOG's, IFSTA, etc... on opinions or facts on the Ladder/Aerial Driver-Operator responsibilites when there are people operating on the roof. Should they be on the turntable or not. I have always been trained yes and I feel that is the way it should be, but I cannot find any hard documention. I can find plenty for when someone is on the stick itself, Any help appreciated.

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    There isn't too much to add, since the Brother from Philadelphia has spelled it out quite well. We do not Tie our drivers to their rigs. Once you have the Stick up, if it's appropriate/possible to do so, then the Driver should be doing whatever else is needed, ours catch the Utilities, Place, or help with placing, Ground Ladders, get Lights/Fans/Electricity to the door, do Exterior Vent work, and so on. If you have a job going, people need to be working. Squad (Heavy Rescue) Drivers usually mask up and go with the rest of the Crew. Engine Drivers make absolutely sure that everything is properly functioning with their piece, then they assist on exterior tasks also.
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    Truck company driver will set up the stick if needed then usally go to the roof with the saw to join the roofman for ventalation. If he is not needed on the roof he will catch utilites, help irons man with forceible entry, help throw ground ladders, or can help with OV. There are many tasks the driver has and each situation deams what he will be doing. If we have a high-rise job the driver will gear and mask up and go in with the crew. Since we have 5 man truck companies there is not a lot of pressure on the driver to pick up any slack.
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    Default Truck Driver/Operator

    Being a Truck Officer, I depend on the Driver/Operator immensley. On my crew, he/she is usually the most experienced member because he/she needs to be able to operate alone and be freethinking without freelancing. He/she is like a roving linebacker looking for the right opportunity to make the right play in order to save the game. After he/she positions the apparatus, raises the aerial if needed, and gets packed up, he/she either joins the roof crew, OVM, utilities, ground ladders, helps with Engine supply, or meets up with us interior. He/she stays in contact with me and is experienced enough to operate alone if needed. A very good book on Truck company Ops which addresses your question is "Truck Company Operations" by J. Mittendorf. As far as SOG's, it would be hard to outline every play of the game exactly and what a Driver/Operator on a 6 man Truck does is entirely different than a Driver/Operator on a 2 man Truck. So, it is all relative.

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    I agree with what has been posted already.

    Even though we don't have a ladder truck in Altoona and no one in my area operates with "truck" and "engine" companies.....you just can't tie him/her to the stick and that's it.

    In another department I worked in outside of Chicago, they operated as the driver/operator's job depended on the situation such as alwood317 said.

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    Our assignments put the driver operator as part of the outside team (4man Co.) he is to assist the OVM with vent, forced entry, ladders, and utilities if not on the turntable. Set up lights when needed also. Usually he comes from the rig with a ladder and hook, OVM got the irons and hook.

    FYI: the 2nd Truck is normally 5-10 mins out.
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