Dear brothers and sisters, In my 27 yrs, of service with the Tulsa F.D. I saw, was part of or heard of some hilarious fire house pranks. I always thought 'somebody should write this stuff down'. Well now that im retired i've decided to do just that. I have already begun a collection for a book that I hope will include the most ingenious and funny pranks ever. But I would like to hear from anyone who has a great prank to tell. I would prefer if you were actually involved or witnessed the event. Please nothing incriminating(lol) and keep them clean. If you would like to send me a story ,E-mail me at Please include your name and phone number. if I select your story I would like to hear it from you personally and give you the credit(if you want it). I know that as a whole we are the best pranksters of all times. Thanks and stay in. Jeff