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    How important is cutter speed? We have been testing different cutters and one specific brand is extremely slow, however, it does complete the cut. The dealers reason is that it has a bigger piston or cylinder in the tool and I'm not 100% sure I beleive that. My preferrence is the speed of a cutter is important. Please give me your opinions.

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    There is many a debate on this forum as to what tools.

    Speed is nice to have, and slow can be frustrating at times. At the end of the day you want a tool that can do the Job, speed is no good if the tool cant cut the Metal!!

    Look at the different tools and select the one that suites the purpose it's needed for. Weber make a very nice set of tools that are duel speed with very good cutting abilities.

    i hope this helps

    stay safe

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    Hydraulic speed is related to pressure and flow, for cutters, spreaders, and rams. There are many variables in hydraulic systems. Select the one that satisfies your needs best, including any maintenance issues.
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    Go for a 2 stage system if possible. I just did a class on vehicle extrication and got to use a very nice set of Hurst tools. It was aparently a low pressure system (with a larger piston) and the first stage operates 0-2000psi, then the second stage kicks in for 2100-5000psi. Other systems with smaller pistons go up to 10000psi. With the two stages, the tools opened and closed fairly quickly, although the 40" spreaders got heavy pretty quickly.

    You can also do things to cut down on time, even with slow tools. If you have a person with spreaders and a person with cutters, when they switch off working on the vehicle, make sure they return the cutters to fully open and the spreaders fully closed while the other guy is working. That way they are ready to go when their tool is needed.

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    Default Bells and Whistles!

    One tool opens faster than another. Another tool will close faster than the next one. This tool has a constant force arc while this one has a 2-stage system.

    It is all bells and whistles and smoke and mirrors. When you get right down to it, ANY tool will do the job it was designed to do in the hands of a competent operator. The difference in speed is not going to be more than a very few seconds. And you may find that when you put that cutter under a load, it will cut faster than another tool that you thought worked faster.

    Do YOUR OWN side-by-side tests with different brands and find out which one you are most comfortable with. Talk to other departments in your area and find out what company has the best service reps to deal with any potential problems you may have. Don't be fooled by price tags, trade-in deals, "I can sell you this set today for this price" pitches and all the other sales pitches. You will have to live with them for a long time, so take your time now before you buy them.
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