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    Default What to wear for job interview?

    My 18-year-old stepson is applying for an on-call wildland firefighter job here in Arizona. He passed the pack test and has an interview next Tuesday.
    What would be appropriate for him to wear?
    I say a pair of khakis and a nice button up dress shirt, but my husband thinks that a nice button up shirt and a nice pair of jeans and cowboy boots is acceptable.
    What are your opinions? Thanks!


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    Have him dress nice, It is a job interview.
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    It never hurts to wear a suit, regardless of the type of fire interview. Chances are you won't lose points for being "overdressed", but you can count on losing points for being "underdressed".

    Remind him that how you dress for the interview is a strong reflection of how much respect you are showing to the job, the fire service, and more importantly, the oral panel. Not that there is anything wrong with a good pair of cowboy boots and jeans, but I don't think a fire interview of any type is the appropriate place to wear those things (just my opinion).

    On the flipside, if your husband has been through this specific interview process with that department/agency and found jeans and cowboy boots to be the standard attire of the interviewees, then go ahead and wear it.

    Good luck to him!

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    Default Interview

    I am A Wildland Coordinator and Engine Boss for a Southern AZ Fire District. Been doning this for over 20 years and have hired a lot of Wildland fire fighters, I look at the way they dress for the interview. I expect them to show up dressed professionally. this starts me to thinking that perhaps they will take this job seriously. It also shows that they care about there apperance, so maybe they will show the same pride in thier work, and equipment, While I think a suit is a nice touch if you have one, I have to go with dad on this one.

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    Thank you!

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