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    Default Facebook, MySpace and other hiring tips...

    I just received word from my Law Enforcement friends that Background Investigators are now going beyond just looking at your personal pages. They have moved on to asking people for their login IDs and passwords. They want to see what youre posting on the internet.

    You wont see this in the fire service right now, but the hiring trend is to follow law enforcement.

    And some other old reminders-

    Voicemail- I have called fire service members and non-members and its so irritating to get an immature outgoing voicemail and/or music playing in the in the opening. Sometimes I just want to hang up.

    If you are expecting a professional business call from a Chief Officer or Human Resources, please dont sound like a goof ball on your end. If you want to get hired, make it sound good. Not like something we would hear from "Jackass" or a morning zoo radio show. Believe it or not, perception makes a huge difference.

    Email address- I like a professional looking email address when doing business with people. And mine should look sharp as well. If your email address is- "smoke_eatter@----.com", thats cute, but not professional. Business people (Chiefs, HR) may not care for something high schoolish. Just use your real name, it might make it easier for them to find you and process your material.

    Fax Machine. I've been in a promotional process and having one has been pure gold for me. Owning your own laser fax machine is nice for making copies and sending back timely information to the hiring personnel. Its been very beneficial and helps eliminate the drag time to get something processed.

    Hope all of this helps....Bou
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