Ok. I'm 22 and looking to get my EMT-1. I live in San Diego and have no prior field related education. I want to pursue this career but it seems like since the economy has taken a hit everyone is going back to school. More and more are looking to be firefighters. Is the job market going to become flooded? I keep hearing horror stories about 1 postition getting over a hundred applicants in my county. Even the emt programs at local community colleges are about a 1 year waiting list to get in a class. I don't want to become a paramedic. I want to become a firefighter. Either in a house or CDF. Do I have a chance with an EMT cert or should I look somewhere else for a career. I like being active and enjoy helping people but really don't want to spend another 2 years in school to be a paramedic. I think I will attend a school near sacramento to get my EMT in 2 months. I just want to know if $1,200 for school will pay off in these times. Any information would be great as I am new to this and really want to succeed. Thank you all.