Hey, new to the board. 28yo Canadian, just moved to WI (almost a yr ago) recently started with the VFD here in Knowles. I work in vegetable processing and my field area covers 2 counties one of which contains Knowles' response area, so I am typically within our coverage area everyday for some period of time other than at home/asleep. Always been trained in CPR/first aid growing up and through work, and some buddies back home in swON are VFD members, and always thought in my line of work it would be great to join and help where I can seeing as how I am very mobile, and a great bunch of guys here asked me about maybe joining their VFD so I did! and am training with them currently. Definitely a great learning experience. Hopefully get into the ff course I in the fall once sweet corn harvest is over and II beyond that. Not to mention it is another venue for this transplant to meet new people/friends and contribute socially in this new locale.