I need some advice from y'all. A friend told me about this website and I thought who better to get advice from.

Saturday night my building's (private condo building that used to be a hospital in downtown Charleston) alarm went off so our wonderful local guys came to check it out. They couldn't find anything wrong, so they shut the alarm off. As they were letting us all back inside, the alarm goes off again so they go running up the 4 levels looking without finding anything. This repeats a 3rd time and they scope out the entire building once again before claiming there must be something wrong with the alarm system. They stay on scene for an hour or so before packing up and going back to the station. The alarm continued going off for 3.5 hours before we finally got a maintenance guy out to shut the darn thing off. (started around 9pm) Each time the alarm went off, which started every 2 minutes then turned into every 45 seconds, the guys at the station were notified. I feel so horrible that they had to go through 3.5 hours of our false alarms and was wondering if there was something I should do to thank them.

Do y'all like being thanked for stupid stuff like this or is this one of those things that isn't worth it? If it's ok to thank these guys, how would you recommend I go about this?

Thanks in advance! Keep up your amazing work! You are our true every day heroes!