Hello firehouse.com from Sharon McNary of Marketplace, the business show on public radio.

I'm reaching out to you today for some help. You don't need anybody to tell you that people are losing jobs and homes in this recession. But we haven't heard that much about what the recession and dwindling tax revenues are doing to the people who make careers in firefighting, EMT and other first-responder areas of public safety.

I wonder if you would take a few minutes to share your experience with Marketplace. I've got a few questions about how your job and profession is changing in the recession.

Go to www.tinyurl.com/MarketplacePublicSafety

Your answers are confidential. We don't air or publish any responses unless you give us explicit permission. But we use your insights to find some of the stories you hear on Marketplace, and a reporter or producer might call for additional information.

Thanks very much for your public service and for any help you can provide. Please feel free to circulate the link to our questions to others who have insights and experiences to share.


Sharon McNary
Public Insight Journalism