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Thread: overall health fitness

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    Default overall health fitness

    Over the last 3 decades, heart attack has been the number one killer of firefighters. The numbers more than enough prove the need to put more focus in health fitness matters. My question to all of you is ?

    "What is your department or what are you doing to improve or promote better health fitness in your department. Does your department discuss these matters at all? Do you have work out equipment in the station? and does your department have a physical abilities type test for new applicants to get on your department? and last but unfortunately, does your department just not care about health fitness matters.

    Please voice your opinion and feeling in regards to health fitness issues in today fire service, and ideas to improve the statistic of heart attack as the top killer of FF's.

    Thank you
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    I agree more than half of LODD could be prevented if people took more time and REALLY looked at their personal health and wellness. The days are coming SOON very SOON when there is going to be a standard physical ability test country wide that we all as firefighters will be tested on every 6 months to a year and if you cant pass you will have 3 months to redeme yourself and if you cant do that you will get the boot. The days of the fat driver/pump operator are over.

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