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    Default Fort Rucker, Alabama

    Ok here we go again,

    I am seeking information on the Federal Fire Department at Fort Rucker, in Alabama...

    I applied via USAJOBS, and on the Army HR Site for a GS 3, 4, 5 position which was open. It says there ar 16 open spots, and it is entry level.

    I am assuming (which i should not do) that this is an academy class they are putting together. Can anyone confirm this?

    How is Ft Rucker, how is the pay, how are the guys, how is the cost of living, and most important how soon before I hear something? Etc....

    Any help will be greatly appreciated...


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    I don't know much about Ft. Rucker, but here is what my soldiers have told me about Ft. Rucker. There are around 30 stage fields for all of the helicopter training that goes on. Most of them work 12 or 18 hour shifts, unless you are at the main station and they work 24 hour shift. The main thing that goes on there is ARFF. The pay I think is around 31,000 a year and there is not a lot to do there. Panama City Fl. is two hours away.

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    The cost of living in rural Alabama is very reasonable when compared with other areas of the country. Tax rates, particularly property taxes, are low and housing is affordable.

    Fort Rucker is located in what is called the 'wiregrass' area of the state. If you're someone that's into having urban attractions just minutes away, this ain't the place for you. On the other hand, if you're an outdoorsman then you will probably think you've died and gone to heaven.

    Dothan is very close so really good resturants, movie theaters, and the other regular attractions of the city are readily available but you're not going to get the activities of a city with a tourism draw. Also, as Panther stated, you're only a short drive from the gulf coast. You would be a similar distance from Montgomery so stage productions, concerts, and similar entertainment can be found with some research and planning.

    Don't know a thing about the pay.

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    Thanks for the replies guys...very helpful.

    Panthers can any of your guys who work there shoot me an e-mail and let me know about the shifts and the rotation and what to expect for the civilian side of the fire house...?

    Also anything else thay can tell me about the base and the guys to work with...I am not certian I will even get a call to go work there, but would like to have my ducks in a row so if and when the time comes for me and the fam to move down from Cleveland, Ohio... we have it all straight...

    Thanks again guys... much appreciated.


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    I worked at Rucker from 99-01. I was active duty then and worked both fixed station (24 on, 24 off) and stage field. The fields I was on were 18 hour fields. FRFD is a large department. When I was there it was the second largest DOD department. I understand that they have greatly scaled back the military firefighters there. I am not sure how big the department is now, but I have contacts there. I am scheduled to go there TDY next week. I will see the guys that I used to work with then. You can pm me for more info. I would be happy to help where I can.

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    Default Fort Rucker F&ES


    PM me with a list of questions, I will try to answer them. I was a GS-5 stagefield firefighter from April, 2006 to November, 2006 at Fort Rucker Fire and Emergency Services. Then, transferred to another army base that worked the 144 hr pay scale. Stagefield firefighters work five 18hr shifts bi-weekly. That is 80 hrs bi-weekly at the GS base pay scale and 10 hrs of stand-by pay which is a certain percentage of your hourly rate (5 to 10%). Anything over 106 hours is considered true time and half overtime pay.

    Also, go to OPM.gov or www.dodfire.com website to find the base pay. Ft Rucker's locality pay is rest of the United States (RUS). Rucker is not a bad place to get your started into DoD fire service.

    Just contact me, I will try to answer you question to the best of my knowledge.
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