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    Quote Originally Posted by Catch22 View Post
    I actually figured that out when it got sent back to me as undeliverable. The only thing I could find was that "fire" was misspelled. It went through, hopefully to the right guy.

    Thanks, though!
    Sorry, blond moment. I haven't received your's Catch. If the does not work could you try Thanks you guys are wonderful. Hope to see some of you in Reno.

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    I think I've got caught up with all you guys wanting copies of our narrative. If I missed you, let me know.

    Fortsutphen, I sent it to both your addresses to make sure.

    Quote Originally Posted by wtfd2940 View Post
    Does anyone know if they have a dollar figure cap on the cost of a length of hose? For all the different sizes? Was just curious because I know they place a high dollar cap on alot of other things. Anyway if anyone has anything as far as narratives for any/all types of hose I would appreciate the help.
    I did my pricing based off a certain companly that rhymes with "Harley" and their online catalog. When we did the bidding, I ended up with considerably lower prices on all bids, even with a price increase while we were waiting to hear. In the end, I have about $9K in excess funds I have to figure out how to spend. Well, I have to decided, there's a lot of ideas for the $5K and beyond that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
    Not enough to matter.
    What do you base that on? There's no facts to support that generalization. At equal pressures, a 6" diameter port flows 44% more water than a 5" diameter port. So if I take a strong pump that happens to cavitate at 1,000 GPM with a 5" valve & hose, I can logically assume that it would flow about 1,440 GPM with a 6" valve & hose.

    While I haven't tested a 5" connection, I can tell that reducing from a 6" to a 4" restricted flow from 1,542 GPM to 942 GPM.
    Quote Originally Posted by neiowa View Post
    How many FD do you know that are using 6" LDH?
    I didn't mention anyone using 6" LDH, and I don't appreciate you trying to put words into my mouth.

    I mentioned using 6" HARD SUCTION HOSE, and buying intake valves to match.
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