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    i am looking for ways to recruit more members in my department. we are run by a single family who abuses their power in the organization. i am hoping somebody could share some ideas

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    Without knowing the entire situation of your department (assuming volunteer), if you have monthly meetings, simply make a motion to recommend ousting or impeaching certain members. If things are as bad as you say, there should not be any problems getting support from other members. As for recruiting more members, I don't think that will alleviate the power issue. They will simply be brought into a department that is broke. Fix the problem, make working environment more enjoyable and recruiting will be easy.

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    Cool Some advice from from the same trench!


    I understand where your coming from but the only problem is that I do not think you truly understand his delima.

    Truly this is a very hard subject and i have been dealing with this and also the fact that we have two other in our dept that are all about standing outside the fire while a select few do the work. This is a very discouraging situation but is not the death of the Dept.

    I have the same problem and I started by taking over a admin role in the dept and also acting like I believe a Volly should with pride and professionalism. This isn't easy because even though I am in the fire doing the work and I am constantly getting "attaboys"(not my own dept) from our surrounding dept that look down on ours. I tend to get ridiculed behind my back from the real slackers just gotta let it roll off. I started by just doing my best and treating others like I want to be treated once they start seeing your really bust your hump they will start giving you more and more responsibility and eventually you'll be in a position to reel in the abuse in powers.

    The hardest thing is to not get caught up in the same BS. I am at a FD where there are 25 members; 5 that no show, 3 that are worthless (never look for them when the work is there) and there are 8 that are famly members(16 members that just like the way things are because there all buddy buddy or family and always go fishing.) This really puts a damper on changing things around right away but it does not mean you can not.

    Just take the initiative and gradually accept more and more responsibility. I love being a firefighter and I could leave the FD and go to the one down the street but I would not be helping my direct community. I have just about got into fist fights(had to walk out) with those that degrade the station but I have to remember that sometime what others say is what they perceive. Even thou I am one of the few good ones I KEEP LOOKING FOR NEW MEMEBERS every turn of the corner and take up the Newbies before the crap gets a hold of them.

    Keep your head up and keep plugging away eventually if you believe in yourself and the other good ones you will pull thru.

    Good Luck!!!!!
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    I think i can relate our Chief of the department in fort lee abuse's his power greatly for instance it's in the department by laws that all officers are to be voted in and there was a big debacle with one one of the women in our company she played the whole i didn't get voted in Because I'm a women thing and threaten to sue the town to make a long story short the chief appointed her LT with out an election/vote 3 out of 4 company's hate him and would love to see him thrown out any suggestion's???

    sorry i got off the topic I'm on the Recruitment and Retention committee for Fort Lee Fire Department and as a volunteer Department what we have been doing each year is going to the high school for career day where also trying to get a nice big sign for ads in paper's online radio/TV time has alot of great Fire department recruitment video's just to give you an ideah
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