Two comments please.

I love the above thread. We need to stop thinking like a fire department and start thinking like a road crew. You have all been by construction crews. they do not have 6 million flashing lights and a 80000ib block to protect workers. they properly inform drivers in advance so they can take the appropirate messures in responding to what you are asking. We have all driven past someone elses accident, and sometimes as a surpise when we have come around a blind corner. I always feel horible that i am still doing 50mph, but they did not give me time to slow. I have been doing this for 15years so yes i understand the inherent difficulties there are in setting a scene up like the road crews but that does not mean we should not be striving for this.

my second comment is related to a previous thread also. Have any of your departments opened up discussion with ALL your area first responders? I am a Paramedic with one service and a FF paramedic in another district. It was my iniative in the district where i live to involve local Fire, police, tow operators and even the national park rangers into a training seminar. We are all on the road sharing the difficulties. How do you expect everyone to understand the issues if you dont share. It is not a fire department thing. infact my EMS agency was the one who showed the local Fire Departments a thing or two about highway safety. We now all work together to ensure the job gets done right. (that is why you need cones and a termination area so police, ems and other non-block fire apperatus have a designated staging area.)

Thanks for the imput.