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    Default OSHA Regulations

    Just wondering about the OSHA regulations on scba masks. I tried looking at their website but you need a map to find what you are looking for. Are departments required to provide individual scba masks? Never been fit tested, I've been here for 2 years. Probably a lot of other OSHA regulations being broken. 2 men on a shift, 13,000 residents, go figure.

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    The individual mask requirement is not mandatory, however, the masks must be accessible to all employees and training must be provided on it's use, care and maintenance. Providing individual masks provides a level of infection control, however, if all masks are properly cleaned and sanitized this is not an issue.

    Fit testing is required every year and ensures that a properly fitting mask is accessible. We fit test all employees annually and within 30 days of hire. Individual masks are provided along with a spare mask with each SCBA. Each station has a "decon" kit specifically for cleaning the masks.

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