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    Exclamation we making test room and we need help !!!

    we are Group studing engineering in faculty of engineering and our graduation project is fire fighting with fog system and we need some data for making scaled test room
    the first data that we cann't find is
    >>>tables for fog sprinkler droplet size and companies that sell it
    we need it necessary for scaling calculations

    really i hope that someone can find

    >>> i don't know if write my topic in the right place in the forum or not if not i'm sorry

    thanks in advance

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    Let me guess, Foreign Exchange student?

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    Ummmm.....The search engine is your friend- www.google.com

    Seriously- Look up "underwriters laboratory" for a start.
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    I have read this a bunch of times, and still have absolutely no idea what it says.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ActionGoose View Post
    I have read this a bunch of times, and still have absolutely no idea what it says.
    i can help, it started of
    "hello, english is not my native language......."

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