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    Default Grants for new station

    My dept is starting to get some info on any grants that would help cover the cost of a new station. I am looking for any grants (other than the FEMA grant) that might help us.

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    USDA Rural Development has a program. Max. award up to 75% of the project cost. Can find info at the following such as eligibility etc.:


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    check out this article about the stimulus funding and new fire stations.


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    Wink Foundations

    Look for some local foundations and wine and dine them and see if they like your idees, will your new station be a command center for community in a large scale disaster? This will help and will it have generator power and a designated relief center for community, you need to find ways to benefit others, have a meeting room with kitchen for non-profit organizations to meet. Lots of ideas but it will take lots of work and patience. Good luck.

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