This is from a Jim D. with Miami-Dade FR...IF HE STILL POSTS HERE....BUT ANY MIAMI FF's CAN HELP ME ON THIS! Thanks!

I saw your post on firehouseforums from 2002 when Miami-Dade was recruiting back in aug. of 2002. Here is the link from which you posted,

Anyways, I am planning on applying for the current recruiting period of Mar. 1-15, 2009. I am an out of state certified FF for Michigan, and National Reg. and Licensed EMT-B. I was wondering if you still have that out of state firefighters support network thing you mentioned in your post. I am interested in talking with some current MDFR members, and possibly scheduling some ride a longs with your department.

Also I had a question, now, the applications are all done online. If I for example apply right on March 1st, about when would I be scheduled for the written exam? I want to try and gauge it correctly, as I am traveling down to Ft. Lauderdale/Miami at the end of March...not decided exactly when. But what I mainly want to know is how far after from when you apply are you scheduled for the written exam? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

-Jeff S.