Hi Everyone,

I've just been promoted to Captain in my department. I've been an Engineer/Paramedic for 15 years, and now I'm sliding over to the right seat and will be leading my own crew.

I'd like to hear what the your favorite approach to making the transition would be: Grab the bull by the horns, or sit back and observe? Be one of the guys, or clearly draw a line? Solicit input all the time, or make command decisions?

Really, I'm interested in any and all input and advice that folks might be able to give me. I would TRULY appreciate the sage words of wisdom to help me make this transition.

Just so you know, I'm thinking that easing into the position and observing would be a good way to start out. Don't want to rock the boat or rub people the wrong way.

THANK YOU so much for your response - it will greatly assist me during this new time of change!