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    Default A Little help/discussion needed

    Hello my friends,
    I work for a County ran Ambulance/rescue Dept. (I know I am in the firefighter forums bare with me). We have been in exsistance for almost 40 years now. Sadly the County is always trying to find ways to get our feathers ruffled. We are a Union shop but the rest of the County also belongs so we are members of the IBEW. This makes things hard as an Electrical Union is unable to help us as they just don't understand our shifts and what we do.
    Anyway I came on shift this morning to find a memo written on the board stating we are no longer allowed to Time Trade. This came out of the clear blue and the only reason we get is from the States Attorny that says it is illeagle. We have done this for the almost 40 years that we have been in existance. Time trades have been allowed at every service I have ever worked for and I know it is allowed in almost every EMS and Fire Service in the country.
    What I am asking is how many departments do allow this? How many don't and why? What kind of policies exist for the time trades? I would like to hear from others on this matter. If your willing to help in our cause a letter explaining your policy on this matter on Dept letter head would greatly be appriciated. If willing please feel free to send it to me in email at pmedic78@gmail.com Our shop steward contacted our Union Rep today and was basically told dont waste our time there is nothing we can do. I always thought the Union rep was there to assist us not tell us we cant try to fix a problem. We work 24 hour shifts one week Mon, Wed, Fri the next Tue, Thurs. We are lucky and have weekends off. Partimers fill in the weekends.
    Thank you in advance for any help and I hope that someday I will be able to repay anyone for the help.

    Matthew Bierman EMT-P

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    Is it written anywhere in your contract? If it is, they can't touch it unless they bring it to negotiations. If it's not in your contract then you may be out of luck.

    Our policy is in the contract, 30 swaps per year.

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