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    Question Bullard USRX Helmet

    Looking for anyone who has any experience with the Bullard USRX Helmet. I'm getting ready to retire my N5A and want to get something lighter (not as young as I used to be !). I also what something that will serve multi purposes: structural firefighting, extrication, technical rescue and I see that this helmet is both NFPA approved for fire and USAR. Anyone ever use one or can someone recommend a good, light weight, multi use helmet ?


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    O.K. - I'm too lazy to type stuff over and over so I did a search and found my old comments on the USRX (As a side note a quick forum search for USRX might get you all the info you want )

    My current helmet du jour is the Bullard USRX. It is my one "do it all" helmet because I don't have the space / desire to carry multiple helmets or the $$ to buy them.

    My 1 major complaint with the USRX (and some other current model Bullard helmets) is the stupid "Quick-Attach Blade System". Got to be the most **** poor idea to ever hit the Fire & Emergency Services arena since . . . well I just can't think of anything else this dumb.

    From the product literature:

    Eye Protection Made Easy
    Bullard USRX Series helmets come standard with the all-new and
    innovative Quick-Attach Blade System. This system permits the wearer
    to simply press on or off either a blade-mounted faceshield or blademounted
    goggle in seconds. This flexibility gives the wearer the
    advantage of the right option for the right application without time
    consuming component changes. The USRX comes standard with ESS

    Umm - is there really a big market need to swap goggles & face shield on the fly ??

    Why is this such a big issue for me you ask? Well It's back to the issue of adding a flashlight to the helmet. With those big bat wing mounting tabs stuck in the way - you are extremely limited to what type of light and / or mounting system you can use. Kinda defeats the purpose of buying a compact low profile helmet if you have to go hanging a flashlight way off the side like a missile pod on a plane wing.

    But fear not - salvation is in site.

    {{ Authors Note - For all the safety sallies out there who cringe at the mere thought of doing ANYTHING that deviates from NFPA standards or alters your gear - PLEASE DO NOT READ ANY FURTHER. For the sake of your blood pressure & sanity - leave now. }}

    The only saving grace of this system is that you get the ESS Interzone 1/2 style goggles less the ESS clamp on style mounts - all you need to do is:
    - order your choice of replacement ESS mounts
    - take out the 4 screws that hold the chin strap, blade mount receiver, and impact cap retention clips.
    - remove the blade mount receiver block
    - reassemble the remaining components (you can even cut off the existing screws or get shorter screws if that trips your trigger)
    - Attach the ESS mounting blocks & Goggles in the way ESS & God intended them to be.
    - Now you have a lot more choices for light types, mounts, and positions.

    Personally I'm planning on doing the above modification & then adding the Blackjack mount and sticking my Pelican Products 4AA light under the brim.
    That was probably over a year ago and I have still not made the modification detailed above - 1)because I'm lazy and 2) I've not been as active with field work in lieu of teaching more these days.

    However my general feelings persist and I would suggest also looking at the Carins 360R and HP3 and deciding which you like best for yourself.

    All that being said - There's nothing about the USRX that would make me switch back to my old Cairns 1010.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    Default usrx

    I have been using the USRX for about a year now and I love it. It is an all around great helmet.It's very lightweight and comfortable. I have been trying to get some of the guys at my volly department to use it and they dont like not having a brim on the back of it. I am currently getting ahold of a Phenix 1500 for them to try out as it has a brim. I am getting it based off of advice from a guy in California. I have never had an issue with hot water running down my neck like all of the nay sayers say. I have worn it through Rescue Technician, Shipboard firefighting school and on a number of structure fires. I teach aerials classes in it and have used it for about 25-30 burns all together. I really wish I could use it at my full time job instead of my Conway leather. I did have an issue with the quick attach thing that attaches the ESS goggles to the sides, one of the screws fell out.I fixed it with thread lock. I too sought out a lighter helmet and lighter turnout gear and boots because I am over 40.

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    I wear one for USAR and it is a decent helmet. A little on the heavy side for wearing 10 - 12 hours at a pop, and it takes up a lot of room in my gear bag compared to our prior lids. On the up side, I like the ratchet system. It's easy to adjust, and even though it is heavier for long duration jobs it's comfotable.

    Another bright spot, is it is big enough that it makes my giant watermelon head look semi-normal.

    Never worn it for firefighting.

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