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    Default employment as a dispatcher

    im 18 looking for a job in the emergency services... i wanna be a firefighter but i am a sir. in high school and still have two years of collage. i was wondering if you had to take any classes to be a dispatcher? and any advice on what to do to be come a dispatcher?
    thanks buxton71E1

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    The classes we have to take are given either by our dispatch center or the center pays for us to attend.... We are EMD APCO and MULES I think in newton co they are EMD EFD and EPD as well as apco and MULEs
    Chris Cable

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    If you want to be a firefighter, then focus on becoming a fiefighter. Becoming a 911 Telecommunicator is alot of hard work and has the chance of not jiving with 2 years of school. Your school schedule would take a back seat to your dispatch work schedule. Not to mention, like firefighting, you'll be working holidays, weekends, etc... You're looking at 4-12 months of training depending on the agency you get hired at before you are allowed to even work on your own. 911 is a profession in and of itself, not a "foot in the door" to other jobs.

    Be aware also, that many centers require a person to be 21 before they can apply. Also be aware that the industries turnover rate is up to 19%. That is crazy high turnover caused by stress among other things.

    If you are still interested I highly suggest you request to do a sit-a-long in a 911 center on a busy shift and observe the work environment to make sure this is something you CAN and WANT to do.
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    Good answer, as usual, Jim. Buxton71E1, if you are serious about becoming a Dispatcher, try this website-


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