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    Default Quick question for any of you inspectors...

    Getting ready to write a final paper for fire inspection and need a few more ideas. The topic is special considerations fir inspecting the following occupancies:



    Health Care

    Detention and correctional






    Unusual structures

    I have a pretty good base for the paper so far, I am just trying to get some more ideas to give it a little more "pop".

    Thanks to all in advance!
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    Just some quick stuuf off the top of my head....When doing inspections my first thought is can the occupants get out (Exits identified and accessible)? Then I go from there.

    Assembly- usually a lot of people. people could be intoxicated (bars/restaurants)...can a drunk figure out how to get out...exit sign/emergency sign placement, panic hardware.

    Educational- could be dealing with young children and alot of them. do they know how to get out.

    Health Care- May have to shelter inplace should an emergency happen.

    Detentional- Shelter in place issues/ dangerous folks...go figure.

    Residential/Mercantile/Business/Industrial/storage- I'm thinking alot about contents and fire load.....

    This is not everything that should be considered by any means.

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    Lightbulb Not sure if you can make inspections "Pop!" but...

    I inspect all of these type facilities and use NFPA 101 as the basic bible to work from. All chapters covering these occupancies are laid out in the same manner. Most are similar with some distinct differences. As an inspector you mus know when these differences occur or study the book before undertaking the inspection. Here are a few major points where differences occur:
    *number of means of egress and what triggers >2 or allows < 2.
    *travel distance to exits
    *fire alarms, sprinkler protection requirements and trigger points
    *illuminated exits and EXIT signs and trigger points
    *Existing vs. new in the same occupancy type
    *fire separation: none, 1hr., 2 hr. or greater
    *exit hardware and allowable locks

    Also look in the 101 Handbook to see some of the historic fires that caused these codes to be enacted.
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