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    Default NFPA Standards for Interior Firefighting

    My first time in the forum in a few years, so I'm hoping that someone here will know where to find what I'm looking for.

    I'm looking for an overview of what NFPA outlines as the standards for interior firefighters on an annual re-cert basis. What I mean is, what does a firefighter need to do each year (in addition to the OSHA refresher) to maintain interior status?

    I know there are a lot of different views from department to department, but what I'm looking for is an objective standard from NFPA.

    ...and I'd rather not go digging through the NFPA literature.


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    try NFPA 1710

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    NFPA 1710 and NFPA 1720 are the standards for staffing for career and volunteer departments, respectfully.

    NFPA 1001 is the Standard for Firefighter Professional Qualifications. 1001 stipulates the standards that must be met in order to be issued a certificate from the AHJ, but it does not require recertification in order to remain "qualified." Recertification would be a requirement of the locality, jurisdiction, department, or even the state; but not NFPA.
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    if you are talking physically/medically qualified look at NFPA 1582......

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