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One of our 28 year veterans has recently been told he has a brain infection. Rick Moore (or Buck as everyone knows him) has been our water officer (lieutenant position) for several years. He's the one on our scenes that wore the blue helmet. He joined in 1980 and has ran as an active FF until he was diagnosed this month.

Buck is the kind of guy that doesn't expect anything from anyone except a conversation here or there. He is always the one that shows up to help if someone asks. His life has been our fire department since he joined. He came up with training scenarios (and is continuing to in Heartland) and made sure there was adequate water supply on all incidents. The fire department is so much a part of his life he even calls just to hear the pledge at the beginning of the association meetings.

We aren't sure of the outlook but we believe he was told there was nothing medically that could be done.

Our department members, Buck's friends, and we know Buck, would appreciate letters, cards, or even phone calls or visits from different departments and their members. If you are a member of a department and send him one of these or talk with him let him know what department you are from as we know he apprieciates talking with fellow firefighters and emts.

All letters, cards, ect. can be sent to:

Rick (Buck) Moore

If you would like to speak to him:

1-740-779-0524 and ask for Rick.

Thank you all,

LT. Patterson
Londonderry, Ross County, OH