I am a wildland firefighter.

I am an airtanker pilot. I fly Tanker 44 on wildland fires all over the US. We lost three brothers in a crash Sept 1. The copilot was also a member of the Baker Mt. vollinteer fire dept, and had a firefighter's funeral. I wrote this following his funeral. Hope all enjoy and understand.

A Firefighter’s Funeral

Fifteen chimes, three sets of five,
Ring from near the grave.
The casket covered in flowers and flag
Holds a firefighter, brave.

The slow salute, Amazing Grace
Tones from a piper tell
Of the hero’s life, cut so, so short
In the flames that seem from hell

When is all done, and the house is quiet
When the last alarm has pealed
The thing that tears forever my heart
Is the black band on the shield.