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    My name is Matt - as my username would indicate. I'm a call fireman/EMT for a small town in New Hampshire, USA. I'm 24 years old and have been as involved in the fire service as possible since age 19. I have been a NREMT-B since 2004. My current certifications are: Firefighter 2, CPAT certified, Pack test certified (for out of state wildfire details). Add to this a massive stack of lesser trainings, classes, certifications, and my nearly 5 years as a call (previously volunteer) firefighter/EMT and that will paint a very impersonal fuzzy picture of what I know. I'm currently enrolled in college to graduate with my AS in Fire Science and working full time with a job in healthcare in a supervisory role.

    I have several goals that I hope to achieve:

    1. This summer I would like to be selected to travel out west and fight wild fires. I was passed up last year and hope to get a chance to must my butt for 16 hours a day this time around.

    2. I have a strong interest in persuing a contract firefighter job in the middle-east region of the world. I have a lot of world travel under my belt and would like the opportunity to utilize this amongst other things to be accepted for this position. The money involved is a motivating factor, though an equally beneficial aspect of this job would have to be that it would look escellent on my resume.

    3. Hopefully this is attainable after my first two shorter term goals are completed - but my ultimate goal is to become hired full time as a fireman for a large town or city fire department.

    A bit more about me... I really enjoy the outdoors. I like to travel the world when I can afford it (world travel is a lot cheaper than it sounds when you keep a Lonely Planet Travel Guide) at your side. 2 years ago I retuened from living in New Zealand for 15 months. Just recently I returned from a 36 day adventure in Southeast Asia. While I was there I completed what is widely regarded as the most difficult hike in the whole of southeast Asia. it was a 62 mile expedition across Malaysia's largest national park Taman Negara. The hike took me to the summit of the tallest mountain in the area; Gunung Tahan and then down the other side. Lots of venomous snakes, ground leeches, parasites, and other creepers that could have easily bested me. Oh, and Tigers too, haha. Other than that most recent adventure, I like to take part in whitewater canoeing and rock climbing when I have the time. I also lift weights 5-6 days a week - which I take a great amount of enjoyment from.

    Nice to meet you folks, I hope to become an active and involved member on these forums!


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    Yikes it's the 18th of March and this thread only posted now!? Is that how things work around here?

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    Hello Matt. Welcome to the forum.

    Brady Lewis
    Spanish 4 Emergencies - FREE Online Spanish Language Training for Emergency Personnel

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