Hello everyone!

This is Rina. I am a senior student at the U of Washington in Seattle. I am studying Industrial Design major, and we have a graduating project that I chose to work on designing a new medical transportation unit (particularly in the stretcher for ambulance).

Before I start with any design ideation, I wanted to collect some datas first. I created a questionnaire and hoping to gather the existing problems in the stretchers, in order to design and build a more ideal product. I am wondering if anyone could help me filling out the questionnaire? It contains 10 Qs, should take less than 5 min. And I can assure you that this survey only counts toward datas for a school project, it will not be used for any other purpose =)

Survey #1 (respondents: professionals with first-hand expereience in operating a stretcher)

Survey #2 (respondents: others who had observed/heard/experienced an ambulance accident, not neccessary a serious accident, could also be some small accident caused by product defects.)

Thank you very much =D

Also, I have contacted many ambulance companies and already made an appointment to visit a local one. Is there any suggestion where I can collect more datas? Thanks =)