I posted this on the New York fourms but wasnt getting any hits, hope you guys can provide info, any amount would be appreciated.

Okay heres the deal...

I am a Albany, NY area native going to college in PA. I would REALLY like to do wildfire work in the West coast over the summer. Last year I tried to figure out how to do this. The e-mails I sent out were basically blown off, it was really discouraging.
I can do the fitness test where I am and can take the S-130/190 here too. How can I make this happen? I have literally scoured the internet for a year trying to find out.
Let me be a bit more specific...I know in PA there is a program where, as needed, units can be called up for 2 weeks at a time to fight forest fires on the West coast. Does NY even have a program like this? If not what other options do I have? Thats not to say that I only want to go out there for 2 weeks either. I am open to any and all opportunities.

Please help!