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    Default Planning Ahead AFG 2010

    I have my grant for this done and I am thinking way ahead. Looking some input as I am thinking about applying in 2010 for a Live Burn Building. I am just looking for input as far as if this would be do able. If it is I am going to start working on it now, as I would have to find some land or a place to put it. We do not have anything like this on our side of state. I thought about talking to our local community college that host our annual Western Iowa Fire School.

    thanks in advance.

    Good Luck All with this years grants.

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    For FY 2008, eligible uses of training funds include, but are not limited to, tuition, exam and course fees, certification and/or re-certification expenses, purchase of training curricula, training equipment (including training trailers and other mobile simulators), training props, and training services (such as instructors). Tow vehicles may be eligible as an expense under this activity if adequately justified; however, we will limit such expenses to $6,000 per year per application. Compensation to volunteer firefighters for wages lost because of attending training under this activity is an eligible expense if justified in the proposal. Overtime expenses paid to career firefighters to attend training, or overtime expenses paid to career firefighters to cover for colleagues who are in training, are eligible expenses if justified in the proposal. Although compensation and overtime/backfill expenses are eligible, proposals that contain these costs may be scored less favorably than similar proposals without compensation expenses, due to the cost-benefit element in the evaluation process. Applicants are encouraged to take this into account when formulating their application budget as it may be better to have a more competitive application than to cover every last expense.

    Ineligible activities in this area include:
    •construction of facilities, such as classrooms, buildings, towers etc.;
    •firefighting equipment or PPE for use in training exercises, such as SCBA;
    •modular training units that are not trailer-mounted or are otherwise immobile;
    •site preparation to accommodate any training activity, facility, or prop;
    •purchase or lease of real estate; and
    •remodeling that is not directly related to other grant activities.

    Unless something changes from last year to 2010 then your project has to be mobile.

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