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    Default Tanker overturns on I-240/Sam Cooper Blvd

    Showing how few drivers know alternate routes between home and work,yesterday was one big cluster f**k after a tanker overturned on I-240 where it meets Sam Cooper Boulevard.You couldn't go East of Summer Avenue and Perkins without long lines of people who didn't understand why it took so long to clean up and of course the knock on effect was proven again as traffic backed up elsewhere in the city.

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    Wow...bad deal Doug. I go through there 2-3 times a week headed to Byhalia MS. 385 to hacks cross is the fastest way I've found in a truck. People are stupid everywhere. As long as they follow a routine, most are fine, but throw a wrench in the equation, they loose their mind
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    Most never had one (mind)to start with. T.C.

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