Hopefully I will not get in trouble for posting this here, but what the heck here it goes, Along with being a Career Fire Fighter I have a computer Biz, I am in a contest to possibly win a 25k Business grant, that would help put my wife to work who has been layed off over 6 months, any help would be great for your votes, here is what ya do.

Please go to this link, instructions are below what to do once you get there


At the bottom of the story, which you can read, you will see did you find this story, inspiring, useful or funny...click on inspiring....then its going to bring up a log in page...you have to create new user...really easy...once you have done that click create account, and then look back at where you clicked inspiring, and it should say thank you. Shows you voted ok..also you can leave a comment if you would like.

Thanks all I appreciate it