I need a little help from the brothers in either Lansing or East Lansing Michigan. One of my wonderful children (the senior man we値l call her) lives in East Lansing, Michigan. She needs a good cheap ( lol guess who痴 paying) used car. I told her to hold off I値l be out that way by the end of March. Any of the brothers out that way please keep your eyes open and let me know if something comes up. She is going to need the car come the end of may so there is some time but being a dad I would like to make sure she gets something that actually has 4 tires, a motor, glass, and runs well instead of something with a REALLY GOOD STEREO. She will need to drive it back east to the New York City area so keep that in mind. Thanks in advance for the help.
Bobby G retired R 2 FDNY