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Thread: Hole in my boot

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    Depending on where the hole is you might try "Shoe Goo." That stuff is pretty powerful.

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    Buy leather, I have never had a hole in a leather boot.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThNozzleman View Post
    Swap them with the Chief's boots when he's not around...they'll get replaced soon enough.

    thats nto a bad idea if its a volly house. Find an "exterior" with the same shoe size. Epoxy yours up and swap with them. A lot better to have the repaired boot outside, then inside.

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    Swapping would work if I didnt have size 12 feet. Every one else only wants the best of what we have regardless if they show up all the time or once a month. Thanks for all the input. I will try something to seal them up. High temp gasket silicone ???? I can't complain I love what I do. Wet socks or not.
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    As was mentioned earlier, SHOE GOO works wonders. That stuff is tuff, should get you through until new boot can be gotten, I wold be on them at least every 2 weeks for some new ones.

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