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    Default 2 Firefighters from the Netherlands (Europe)..

    Hello fellow firefighter,

    We are 2 firefighters, Dave (30) and Marsha (28) firefighters from the Netherlands. I'm a proffesional and rescue diver at a fire department near a big city called Rotterdam and Marsha is a volunteer also at a fire department near Rotterdam in a different city. Both of our fire dep. got diving as specialism.

    Next month we gonna visit the USA. Our first stop will be in Memphis. We'll stay there for 3 days and then going to Florida for about 2.5 weeks. The last week we have rent a villa in Kissimmee where we gonna stay for 9 days.

    Last year we've been to the states too and visted a few firehouses in Kissimmee fl. We've been to almost all disney parks and this year we have some spare time for other things.

    Last year we had the oppertunity to join a shift for one day but we had not enough time. This year we wanna try it again at a fire dep. in Kissimmee or at least near Orlando Fl.

    Atm were struggeling with contacting the right department and realy dont know to who we have to send an e-mail. We were looking for an email adress from one of the chiefs. Altough its not that easy to find one.

    Does someone know how to contact the right person to enrange things like this.

    Thanks in advanced....


    Marsha en Dave 2 addicted firefighters from the Netherlands...
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