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    Hello my name is PFC Ryan Waller and I am currently serving with the army national guard. I have completed army basic combat training, NREMT-B and Army Combat Medic course. I strive to becoming a career firefighter and would like to know what steps I need to take. I will be moving to Clarksville Tenn. in April with my fiance who is also a medic with the active army. What other certs. should I go for before applying to stations? What is the best way to get training? Should I join a voluteer firehouse first? I am currently enrolled into a local community college that offers a paramedic program as well as fire science classes. What kinds of questions will be on the application exams? Please feel free to email me with guidance and advice, this is my career dream and I am a very highly motivated individual. I love the medical part of the job which is why i am trying so desperately to get into the paramedic program, but without much college classes i do not know the likely hood of actually getting into the program. please feel free to email me at ryan.waller@us.army.mil. Only people that are willing to help, because I ask a lot of questions and strive to know everything possible! thank you

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    Hey Dude , I was out there for six or so years in the 101st. I got out and became a federal firefighter, I volunteered at Oak Grove Fd while I was on active duty which was right ourside gate four. Your specialty will definately get you a job as an EMT or Medic somewhere. If you want to be a ff I suggest you start taking the army correspondance courses on Campbell and do you practicals there . Get your DOD certs and start applying as a DOD firefighter. My mos was 13FX3blahblah so I didnt have any experience on active duty as a firefighter, I had to go get all of those certs. you should be able to take those classes as correspondances.

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    how do i take the correspondence courses???

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    hey where do i go to get started with this? I am currently taking 68w courses online can i take the firefighter certs online too? If so where do i go to take them?

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    Hey Ryan,
    I am currently a career firefighter looking to join the national guard as an airborne medic. I was just wondering what your combat medic training/experience was like?

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    I am a strong proponent of doing ride-alongs. I have been witness to many during my years in the firehouse, and many who have took advantage of it eventually landed a job with my department. The benefits of a ride-along are that you have several firefighters who successfully went through the hiring process and are glad to help you get there. Firefighters love to help anyone who is excited to join their ranks. Because the hiring process is different for every department, pick a department you would like to work for and ride with them.

    Good luck.

    There's a documentary about the fire academy experience called: "A Firefighter's Journey" It can help you prepare for the academy. Check it out at. www.firewerxfilms.com

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