Hey to all. I have a couple of questions for the air force fire fighters out there.. Im currently in the DEP, wanting to become a fire fighter. I don't want to do anything else but fire fighting. My question is, can my recruiter gaurantee me this job? I've heard some people say the air force doesn't gaurantee jobs. And im not sure if my recruiter will tell me the truth because he probably just wants me to get to basic and whatnot so he can meet his quota for the month, so he's pressuring me to just go in as "general open" and he says that i can get fire fighting once i get to basic, but even i know that's crap. Also, how long do you think i'll have to wait in the DEP for a fire fighting slot to open up? a long time? I can't wait! Im pumped! Well thanks alot for all the reply's.