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    Hey all, I have been on my hang around time since last winter, and was voted on the volunteer department in my town. I really love everything about the job. It's a small knit town with a lot of good members as well. Now the odd part is, after I was voted on, and handed a pager, and went upstairs to get old gear that fit me that I could wear until after Fire 1...my anxiety went through the roof. I do suffer from anxiety anyways due to family health issues/divorce and separation. I know I can do the job and be on scene, go to mva's etc because I've been on scene a lot due to being near the accident when it happens, and near other incidents odd enough. But my heart pounds and I get all choked up when I respond to the station and head for the truck....and end up sitting it out and being station coverage. I have spoken with the chief on this, and he said take as much time as I need, seek counseling maybe and just let him know, but until then I can't get on a truck or attempt to. Any tips for the new guy jitters?

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