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    My department is looking into getting new gloves.

    The 2 pairs right now are: Titan pro 8 and American firewear Superglove.

    Does anyone currently use either of these aand have some feedback on one or both of these? thanks.

    Reccomendations on other gloves would be appreciated too.

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    I have used both gloves and would encourage you to go with either the Super Glove or the Pro-Tech Titan-K, which is made of Kangaroo leather. I destroyed the first pair of Pro-Tech's I had within 20-30 shifts with NO fire duty. Pro-Tech replaced them at no cost to me and was very gracious in doing so.

    I am currently using a pair of Super Gloves and while they don't have the dexterity of the Titan, they are made of the Kangaroo leather and have held up well. When I wear out the Super Glove and the replacement Titan that Pro-Tech sent me, I will buy the Titan -K to see how their Kangaroo Leather compares to the Super Glove.

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