I'm glad the guy got out and no one was injured so the following has little to do with the story linked above.
One of my favorite low paying jobs has to be when I worked the night shift at a gas station in West Kentucky that had tanning beds.The best part was half a mile down the road in both directions was Paducah's only two-ahem- gentlemen's clubs and right across the road was a "massage parlor".
The girls would come in about closing time to count their money,fold their little outfits into those little suitcases that they all had and argue about who stole whose dances,got into whose costumes before they'd go tan.
The S.O. would also come in about that time ostensibly to make sure that I was abiding by the law and not selling beer after Midnight but they were there for the same reason I was:to oogle the girls.In between,they filled out their patrol reports and gassed up their cruisers since we were the only 24 hour place at that time on the Southside.
The manager had a waiting list of applications to work there and she soon figured out why I was wanting clips from the video surveillance system.
You might guess that I didn't care that I was able to pay bills and not much else.