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    Default DoD Fire Academy PT Test

    Hey everyone,

    I was wondering if anybody could tell me what the physical agility test at Goodfellow consist of?

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    I am currently at Goodfellow. The FF pt is no joke. You take a pre-test the first week when you get here. If you fail, you have to go to mandatory firefighter's pt everyday except wednesday. You take the actual in block 3. 8 mins and less is passing. You can watch the whole thing on youtube, just search of goodfellow firefighter pt or something like that.

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    I leave for basic training in two months then Im going to goofellow for tech school what kind of workouts would help me get ready for firefighter pt Im a small guy 5'9 155lbs

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    Leg work out like lunges, squats, and running up stairs or anything like that will really help. You should have good cardio and some upper body strength. But most important, legs. I graduated from the school in early July.

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    there are videos on youtube. search them out.


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