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    Default Looking to Donate 35 Dress Hats

    Our career department has switched to a different style of dress hat. Rather than trash 35 very servicable Bancroft dark blue ones, we would like to donate them to a volunteer department. They are in excellant condition; we only use them for special occasions and funerals. They will be fine for any department who does not actually have dress uniforms, but need something to go along with a white duty shirt and squad coat.

    Contact me at:


    if your department is interested. Again, the idea is that they go to a financially strapped volunteer department. If they should show up on e-bay or at a swap, we'll be p****.

    We'll even pay the shipping.

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    I'm with the Springdale Volunteer fire department in East Tn.My dad is the n fire chief and has been for two years now.Were just now getting to buy dress uniforms.I already sent you an email,but please consider donating these greatly needed uniform hats.I sent you all of my contact information.
    My cell and email.

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    hello, im with green valley glenwood fire department in southern west virginia. I know my safety officer has been trying to get uniform hats for a couple years now but cant find the spare cash for them, i dont know how many the first brother needs, but we could use 18-20. my email is firefighter614@comcast.net please let me know if there are any left. thanks


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    Default hats


    I'm a fire chief of a very small rural fire dept. in rural Arkansas. We are trying to look profressional when we go to trainings and classes. We are trying to get class A uniforms but the fire dept can only afford the shirts, badges, name tags. Each firefighter is willing to pay for their own pants, belt, and shoes. The subject of hats we brought up but very quickly dropped becuase we coud no way afford them. 0ur annual budget is only $5,800 we don't even have in door plumbing. Honestly we still use a outhouse. We only have 3 miles of payment the rest of the roads are dirt or mud. We cover 31 square miles. We have a pumper, tanker and brushtruck all over 35 yrs old. If you have any left could we have 10 hats. They guys agreed they would all chip in and help pay for shipping. It would really mean so much to them if we could like as professional and the big guys. They would be very well taken care of and would probably be used for the next decade.

    Thank you for your time and thoughts.

    Chief David Schlorer

    Golden City VFD

    Booneville, Arkanasa. 72927

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    Default Dress Hats on their way...

    The hats are on their way to new life at another fire department.

    I am deeply sorry that we are only able to honor one of the requests. Coming from a department that is fairly secure with funding, I tend to forget that that is not the case everywhere.

    God bless all of you for what you do for your respective communities.

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